How It Works

As a note, we are here for you any time you need. We've included 1 hour of changes per month in your plan, but can do extra work above that if you want at an hourly rate ($20 per hour). We really wanted to take the technical out of getting a website.

Very first and really easy to communicate, happy to involve them with my business

person A.J. Marketing Agency

The staff are great and help walk you through any changes you need. It’s great to know I have a professional team behind my site!

boss B. J. Construction Company

The get my site ready for my presentation within 3 business day. Awesome Stuffs.

testimonial-man Donald Podcast Marketing Specialist

There is no doubt with there services. They are very professional and responsive. I am very much have and sure you will be. Highly recommanded.

testimonial_girl-504c7182cc0673de6785fb7b74b67f59 Lora Stanley Serial entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Coach, copywriter and Small Business Activist...

More Details on How WpThemesPlace Works.

WpThemePlace was created based on a solution that is better than most of what we saw out there. There was either a very cheap solution with a page builder which does not have enough functionality and not even user friendly. So you may get beneficial directly but at the end you will not get a convenient result from your online business. At the same time you may get better result but the problem is pricing which is quite higher then you expect. That's why we have created a Web Development Process with our own tools and integrated it with WordPress so we can get a better result for your online business. Still the price is quite reasonable which is not out of your budget but it will be enough functional , customizable and really easy to use.

Our Work procedure

To provide you a better service with reasonable price, we have setup our working procedure a bit different way. Very first you will need to signup and need to select your plan and the theme or Design you are welling to use for your website. We will then ready your website on our production site and get the site ready for you with two business days and inform you. You will get back to us with the changes (if you have). Then we will get the site final edit and let you know that the site is ready for your review. After your final review on the design we will start transferring the content if you have any old site. We have included 5 basic pages with each packages. You will need to pay for the rest of the content hourly basis. We have set different price ($20/h) for transferring content rather then Regular Development process. Our content editor specialists who will get all the content to be transferred. Please check the Packages and Price Page for more details about it. After finish transferring content, we will inform you for your approval. And after your approval we will move the site to live. If you chose our hosting pack we will setup everything on our hosting or not we will move it to your hosting.... During this hole process done we will ping you only 3 times for your checking and conformation the rest we will take care of ourselves. So there is no hassle, no time killing or no wasting of money.

Why do you chose us?

There are several reasons of being choosing us. Check out the list below to know more about it.